registration rates

We have finally settled on our registration rates for this year…

Single Adult Rates
Per day rate: $25 USD/$27 CAD
Three-day rate: $65 USD/$71 CAD (discounted to $60 USD/$65 CAD if pre-paid at pre-registration)

Family Rates
Per day rate: $45 USD/$47 CAD
Three-day rate: $125 USD/$131 CAD (discounted to $112 USD/$118 CAD if pre-paid at pre-registration)

Our registration form will be going live within the month of May.

2 Responses to “registration rates”

  1. 1 richard walker

    as a former secondary cast member will it be necessary to register to visit ?

  2. 2 Shelly

    If you plan on attending the convention as a member of the audience, yes, you will have to register and pay like everyone else. (Unfortunately, we don’t have space for extra guest speakers.)

    Plus, we need people to register ahead of time, so we can give Black Creek — where, as you should know, the event will take place — an accurate headcount; and we will need one for the group dinner as well.

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