The Convention
The Avonlea Convention (AvCon) is a grassroots, fan-organized event meant to bring fans of the television series Road to Avonlea together to meet with those who worked on this beloved series. The inaugural convention was held the weekend of July 24 and 25, 2004, at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario; and a second one took place in the same location on the weekend of July 29-31, 2005. A third one was mounted on the weekend of July 27-29, 2007, with the first day consisting of a tour of filming sites in and around Toronto, the second consisting of meeting with cast members at Black Creek Pioneer Village, and the final day taking place at the Royal Ontario Museum with our charity auction supporting the museum and guests Mag Ruffman and Kevin Sullivan.

AvCon, Inc.
AvCon Inc. is registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of Michigan, with a date of incorporation of May 5, 2004. We also hold a corporation registration number as a nonprofit external corporation in the Province of Ontario. AvCon Inc. was designed as a grassroots volunteer effort for the purpose of uniting fans and former participants of the Canadian television Series Road to Avonlea in a cultural, educational and social event. Our profits, after clearing operating expenses, will be donated to charity. AvCon is self-supporting and relies on funds collected from registration fees and donations. It is run by an international committee of unpaid volunteers. It is our hope that with the success of AvCon, we can hold a conference annually or biannually with one or two different charity organizations benefitting each time from our efforts.

Past Conventions
2004 · 2005 · 2007

Previous Charities Supported
2004: American Cancer Society + Make-a-Wish Foundation (Southwestern Ontario Chapter)

2005: Doctors Without Borders + Shakespeare Works (no longer active)

2007: Royal Ontario Museum

Contact Us

You may contact the committee anytime by sending an email to committee(at)