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Our final convention — “The Last Hurrah” — took place July 24-26, 2009. We would like to thank everyone who attended as well as everyone who helped make it possible.

AvCon 2009 — The Summary, Day Three

This is the last of a three-part summary of the events of AvCon 2009: The Last Hurrah, as provided to us by Sonya. We apologize for not posting this before Christmas. If you’ve not done so already, get caught up with Day One and Day Two.

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AvCon 2009 — The Summary, Day Two

This is the second of a three-part summary of the events of AvCon 2009: The Last Hurrah, as provided to us by Sonya. Feel free to read the Day One summary, if you’ve not done so. Day three’s summary will be up before Christmas.

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AvCon 2009 – The Summary, Day One

This is the first of a three-part summary of the events of AvCon 2009: The Last Hurrah, as provided to us by Sonya. We apologize for the delay in getting this online. Parts two and three will be posted in the coming days.

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AvCon 2009 is over and done with. An excellent time was had by all who were there. We are happy to report that $5010 in mixed currency was raised for The Good Shepherd Centres.

Keep your eyes on this space for a more thorough report of the weekend’s events.

In the meantime, check out the photo gallery at the Anne of GG website! (Video will be added eventually as well.)

Saturday night dinner is FULL

We have no more space available for our group dinner on Saturday night.

You may still join us for activities during the day on Saturday and Sunday; just keep in mind you will have to register/pay at the door. We encourage you to come on time, as it is first-come-first-served.

See you this weekend!

CONFIRMED: Marilyn Lightstone

We are delighted to announce Marilyn Lightstone (Miss Stacy) will be our closing speaker on Sunday afternoon.

Brochure, schedule, rides, dinner

Our downloadable brochure and a basic outline of the schedule is up in our AvCon 2009 section.

We have also started a thread on our message board for any attendee who needs, or is willing to give, a ride to someone in need. (Click on “Discuss” and look under the “AvCon 2009″ section.)

Traditionally, on AvCon Saturday, attendees get together for dinner. If you are attending AvCon (and ONLY if you’re attending) but were/are unsure about joining us for dinner, please send an email to committee(at)avonleaconvention.org; and we will send you the necessary information. (We do not, and will not, have this published publically for the safety of everyone attending.)

Registration is closed

Registration for AvCon 2009 is CLOSED. If you want to attend on Saturday or Sunday but did not get a chance to register, you will have to do so at the door.

AvCon 2009 details, schedules will be available soon here and we are also sending them to registered attendees by e-mail. Stay tuned!

Saturday night dinner information

Within the next week, we will be sending a link with information to those who’ve registered who are interested in attending the group dinner on Saturday. It will include where we will be eating, a map with directions from Black Creek, price range, and menu information.

If you have registered but were/are unsure about coming for whatever reason, please send an email to committee(at)avonleaconvention.org and we will send you the information. Afterward, if you want to join us, let us know how many people will be in your party (yourself included) so we can give the restaurant an accurate headcount.

It is also important to note that the restaurant is not in walking distance from Black Creek, nor will public transportation be available. If you need a ride to the restaurant, you will need to ask one of your fellow kindreds for one. Who knows? You might strike up a friendship. After all, the purpose of the dinner is to relax and interact your fellow fans. :)

CONFIRMED: John Welsman

We have confirmed composer John Welsman for Saturday.

Contact Us

You may contact the committee anytime by sending an email to committee(at) avonleaconvention.org