AvCon 2009 — The Summary, Day Three

This is the last of a three-part summary of the events of AvCon 2009: The Last Hurrah, as provided to us by Sonya. We apologize for not posting this before Christmas. If you’ve not done so already, get caught up with Day One and Day Two.

July 26, 2009

The last day of our ‘Last Hurrah’ – boohoo! But it was a really nice fun-filled day which started with a talk from Mrs. Martha Mann who was one of the costume designers from Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables Series. She also worked on the new Anne movie.  Dan Matthews brought some costumes for us to look at and for Mrs. Mann to discuss. Everyone really enjoyed her behind the scenes perspective on what it took to dress the actors and also she had some inside stories to tell about the actors and actresses, such as Shirley Maclaine. She signed autographs and took pictures with everyone. Then it was time for a break and lunch. People wandered around Black Creek.

Soon Dan and his dad, Mike Matthews arrived for the AUCTION!  There was a “slight” delay but all was well when someone got there, namely me, after I dropped off Martha Mann. Anywho, lots of goodies were auctioned off –AoGG dolls, DVD sets, Mozart goods, lots of actual props from the shows, specialty baskets made by Sullivan and committee members (lovely candle/PEI preserve baskets, Mag tool boxes, Marilyn bags). All in all a very lively, fun and entertaining time was had by all. Mike and Dan were fantastic as usual!! And we ended up raising over $5000 for the Good Shepherd which a representative from GS was on hand to receive and thank everyone who participated. Lastly, our perfect last guest was the elegant Marilyn Lightstone who was our closing speaker. She was just wonderful, enthusiastic and so appropo. She mingled about beforehand and everyone was so excited to meet her and take pictures and have her sign autographs before she even began. She started off her speech by sharing a letter she received from one of the Avonlea fans who couldn’t make it to AvCon and marveled at how our love for Road to Avonlea, its times, characters and stories brought us all to be a circle of friends. And that is what we are–friends and we ended AvCon ’09, the Last Hurrah with many friends in our circle, indeed. Thank you everyone!

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