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UPDATE: Kevin Sullivan

We have received word that, due to various circumstances, Kevin Sullivan is unable to attend AvCon this year. We apologize to those of you who were looking forward to seeing him.

CONFIRMED: Kevin Sullivan

In the Anne of GG website’s latest news post, it reports that Kevin Sullivan will be attending AvCon this year.

UPDATE: He will be joined by Hannah Endicott-Douglas (Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning).

CONFIRMED: Michael Mahonen

We have received word that Michael Mahonen will be guest-speaking at AvCon 2009!

UPDATE: We reported earlier that David Fox would be attending this year. However, instead of speaking, he will be mingling with the audience during the day.

registration rates

We have finally settled on our registration rates for this year…

Single Adult Rates
Per day rate: $25 USD/$27 CAD
Three-day rate: $65 USD/$71 CAD (discounted to $60 USD/$65 CAD if pre-paid at pre-registration)

Family Rates
Per day rate: $45 USD/$47 CAD
Three-day rate: $125 USD/$131 CAD (discounted to $112 USD/$118 CAD if pre-paid at pre-registration)

Our registration form will be going live within the month of May.

guest news!

So far, the following have confirmed their attendance at AvCon 2009 (barring anything unforseen, of course!): David Fox (Clive Pettibone) and James O’Regan (Const. Jeffries). Ian Clark (Simon Tremayne) may also be with us for Saturday, schedule-permitting.

Our 2009 Charity – Good Shepherd, Toronto

Our charity for 2009 is the Toronto branch of The Good Shepherd, which provides food, clothing, and shelter for the city’s needy. (The main branch is in Hamilton.)

UPDATE! (Feb. 10): On convention weekend, not only will we be accepting monetary donations; but you will also be able to — in true Avonlea community spirit and fashion — donate non-perishable food items, clothing items, and other supplies, which will be given to them after the convention.

You may visit them at

Contact Us

You may contact the committee anytime by sending an email to committee(at)